Plans are coming together to transform Alexandria -
an ambitious long term vision for the future of the town, and everyone who lives and works here.

Help unlock Alexandria’s potential

West Dunbartonshire Council and Alexandria Community Action Network (ACAN) are working together to unlock the town’s potential. A series of projects are being developed for the town centre. which will lead to a town centre masterplan later this year. Meanwhile, a 2030 vision is starting to be developed for the town as a whole, which will be developed into a plan for the whole town with more in-depth community engagement.

We want to check with you that we’re going in the right direction. So, please check out the proposals for the town centre and the outline of the 2030 vision, and tell us what you think.

The closing date for responses is Sunday 20 June.

7 days to go!

view of the church
new block of flats