Main Street Canopy Enhancements

West Dunbartonshire Council is exploring ways to enhance the street scape and improve the lighting along the Main Street. The part of Main Street that we’re currently proposing to improve starts at the junction with Mitchell Way and finishes at the bank of Scotland building.  Currently, both sides of this part of Main Street have been described by the residents as providing inefficient lighting while aesthetically the streetscape looks dull and unattractive. We would like your feedback and comments at the three different proposals of our feasibility study.

Option 1 – A ‘green’ approach

The proposed green canopies aim to enhance the streetscape by incorporating a natural element. In this proposal the concrete canopies are retained and all the existing cladding and lighting is replaced with new. The corten steel like cladding will also be a visual connection with the red sandstone buildings in the Main Street.

Option 2 – Removal of the existing canopies 

This proposal replaces the canopies with a fascia above the shop frontages with integrated spot lighting. The proposed canopy removal will open up the streetscape enabling more natural light to reach the pavement. At the same time the shops along the Main Street won’t be hidden under the canopies and they will be able to keep their distinct character and identity. This intervention has already been applied on the Mitchell Way. 

Option 3 – New canopies 

The third option proposes new canopies for this part of the Main Street. It recognizes the need of coverage during a rainy day. The glass canopy will allow the daylight to pass through and the different colours of the glasses will be displayed on the pavement. It’s a more vibrant and playful approach that will bring life and colour back to the Main Street.


What is your personal experience/ opinion on the removal of the canopies on Mitchell Way?

Which option out of these three would you prefer to see in Alexandria and why?

Please feel free to provide any feedback and comments. 


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Early ideas for the Masterplan

map of Alexandria town centre

We've had loads of input already to the Masterplan, through one-to-one chats with groups and individuals, on-street with passers-by and during workshops in the schools. These chats are generating ideas and letting us know what projects are active across the community and what people think should be earmarked for the future.

This draft set of ideas was on display during the 'Bake for a Blether' event on the 5th Feb and people who attended have told us what they think and what other projects or ideas they think are yet to be included. If you didn't manage to join us then, please add any comments below. It's early days yet in terms of finalising what's contained in the masterplan so please, let loose and point us in the right direction :)


Josephine Hunter

I believe if you attend Primary Schools and High Schools and ask the children what their thoughts are for their town.Im sure they could give you a fair idea of whats inportant to them.

Des (project team)

Hi Josephine, Thanks for your input. We've been working closely with the Vale of Leven Academy and the local primary schools who have been extremely interested to get involved. The young people helped out with the branding and style of this website also! They have strong ideas for improving the town centre and promoting the heritage stories of the Vale through inspiring methods for locals and visitors. Among other things, they're keen to see more activities and spaces dedicated to young people and families within the town centre. All their ideas are being fed into the masterplan.