Community Aspirations

In the last few years, local folk have expressed their concerns and aspirations about the future of the town in various community consultations. All these consultations produced common messages. We’ve summarised some of them below.

Even without COVID, the town centre is struggling. Main Street needs to be reinvigorated. There are some great shops, but not enough choice and nowhere to go in the evening. Buildings, pavements, car parks, toilets and lighting are looking tired. Mitchell Way is an eyesore.
There’s too little for young people, whether it’s after school activities, jobs or opportunities to start a business.
The community feels over-consulted and under-listened to.
We want an economically vibrant town, with more opportunities to work and earn money.

If you’d like more information on what was said, there’s more information on the three most recent consultations in these boxes.


In 2019, the Vale of Leven Trust (a community led charity in Alexandria) organised a consultation for Alexandria and the Vale of Leven, using the Place Standard. To see the results in detail, please click here.

The Vale

In 2019, The Clydesider (the community newspaper for West Dunbartonshire) organised a community consultation about Alexandria and the Vale of Leven. You can read more about it and see the results here. There are lots of interesting things about Alexandria.

The town centre

In early 2020, West Dunbartonshire Council organised various consultations with the public, town centre businesses, community organisations and schools about the future of Alexandria town centre.

A different approach is needed. Community and Council need to work together. People want action.

The Council, community and others have recently developed new homes near the Smollett Fountain, new planting on Alexander Street, Barry the Cat murals down by the river, and the Vale Centre for Health and Care.

And more is happening in the town centre:

  • The Smollett Fountain will be renovated and its setting improved in 2021-22 with money committed from Council budgets.
  • The former St Andrews Church by the Co-op will be transformed into a new creative arts and cultural centre by 2022 with Scottish Government funding.
  • Alexandria Library is upgrading internal spaces for community use, to make it more accessible and show more local heritage.
  • Christie Park is being improved, including investment in paths and toilets

All these are thanks to active and committed community groups who want to make things better, and a local authority which wants to play its part.

Planning for the Future

Although good things are happening, these are only a start. More action is needed, which needs to be co-ordinated and resources secured. Two complementary plans are being prepared with those very purposes in mind:

Alexandria Town Centre Masterplan

This will focus on the town centre. It will identify strategic projects for West Dunbartonshire Council and other local organisations to stimulate regeneration of the town centre. It is important that the projects in the plan are realistic and deliverable. Preparation of the plan is being led by the Council, who are employing a specialist design team to prepare the plan and organise the consultation (including this website).

Alexandria Locality Place Plan

This is a community-led plan which will cover all aspects of community life across the whole town. It is being prepared by Alexandria Community Action Network (ACAN), which is a group of volunteer-led community organisations.